The Routes of Latvia’s Statehood - 7 new tourism routes


On 18th November 2018 Latvia as a country will celebrate its 100th anniversary. This anniversary is the biggest event in today’s Latvia’s history. It will be celebrated for five years (2017. – 2021.) with more than 800 different events all around Latvia and in 70 other countries, bringing in the light important events and persons that are connected to Latvia’s formation as an independent country while telling Latvia’s full story.


We, „Baltic country holidays” have made and published routes that help to travel and get to know Latvia - The 7 Routes of Latvia’s Statehood that include Jacob’s road, Liv’s road, Mara’s road, Daugava’s road, Freedom’s road, Light’s road and Baltic’s road.

We have marked all 7 roads in the map, explained each road’s theme and connection to Latvia’s statehood formation and highlighted must-see places, objects and 72 Latvian Heritage farmsteads in each road. Latvian statehood formation stories sent by various people have been added to the relevant road to further explore the story of Latvia. Using these roads we have made tours that are divided into several days and include recommendations of places where to eat, accommodations, tourist attractions, tourism information centres and practical advice how to plan your time while travelling.

We are hoping that these tours will help you get to know Latvia better and understand our country’s formation’s story!


7 Routes of Latvia’s Statehood:

1) Jacob's Road

2) Liv's Road

3) Mara’s Road

4) Daugava's Road

5) Freedom’s Road

6) Light's Road

7) Baltic's Road

The 7 Routes of Latvia’s Statehood have been developed within the programme for celebration of the centenary of Latvia as a state. The celebration events continue from 2017 to 2021. The key message of the centenary celebration is „I am Latvia” focusing on people as the core value of the state. They shape today’s life in the country and, together with their young generation, they lay foundations for the future.

Project is supported by Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds.

*„Statehood” is a political and legal concept that speaks to direct and sovereign links between people and governments.  The concept allies to modern nation states, as well as to Medieval and more ancient political formations that spoke to personal links between people and rulers.  Thus statehood in the territory of Latvia has existed since the time when the power of large dynasties transformed into a relationship of public governance. (Egils Levits)


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