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An overview map of the Southern part of "Baltic Coastal Hiking" (Latvia - Lithuania) has been issued


Baltic Coastal Hiking is a part of E9 long distance hiking route along the Baltic Sea coast. It starts in Nida resort town, Lithuania, near the border of Lithuania and Russia; crosses Latvia through Rīga and ends in Tallinn, Estonia. This is a map of the Southern Part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking for hikes in Lithuania and Latvia from Nida resort town on the border of Lithuania and Russia to Rīga.

The route is divided into 7 regions with different landscapes, relief, natural values and hiking experience.

Each region is divided into ~ 20 km long walking sections with accommodation and transport options. The distance to be performed, approximate time, difficulty level and populated areas are specified for each section. 

Numbering of sections corresponds to the sequence of creation of the route; therefore, sequential numbers of the Southern Part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking from Nida, Lithuania, to the border of Lithuania and Latvia are from 64 to 73. The sections from 1 to 63 include the part of Baltic Coastal Hiking from Nida, Latvia, to Tallinn, Estonia.

Surface of the Baltic Coastal Hiking: sandy or rocky beaches, seaside meadows, forest roads and trails, country roads, edges of asphalted roads, and sidewalks in cities. 

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Available in languages: Latvian, English, Lithuanian, Russian, German

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