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Camping Latvia, Kurzeme, Rojas novads


Camping "Melnsils" is located in Melnsils, Roja district, on the seashore. Offering relaxation in double and four-bed barrels, a guest house set in an ancient, authentic fishing farm, each room and the interior is designed based on historic events and ancient stories, complemented by the unique nature of the seaside nature. For the rest of the year, there is also a Holiday House, a Bathhouse, a Lovely Boudoir, a boat deck, a beach house. The opportunity to take an active vacation outside the city - for cycling or pleasure boating, you can go for adventure with SUP, boats and kayaks by the sea and Melnsil River, to play badminton.

Guests100 Bedrooms24 Distance from countries capital city143 Season1-12 Optional meals Accommodation available
Farm animals BoatsBicyclesFacilities  appropriate for children
Tel. +371 28605606
Kempings Melnsils
Melnsils, Rojas pag.
Rojas nov.
LV-3264, Latvia