Country Holidays
No 10028
Relief Latvia, Vidzeme


Gaiziņkalns Hill is the highest hill in Latvia, and it is a typical example of the hillocks of the Vidzeme highlands. This is a place of wonderful landscapes, even though there are not all that many good viewing areas. At the centre of this park is Gaiziņkalns Hill itself – the highest place in Latvia and the second highest in the Baltic States (311.6 metres above sea level). The viewing tower, alas is not open to the public, because it is in dangerous condition. There is a well-appointed hiking trail around Gaiziņkalns Hill, and during the winter the hill and its surroundings are popular for downhill and cross-country skiing. Lake Viešūrs (Lake Kaķītis) is popular among licensed fishermen. This territory is part of a region of protected landscapes around Vestiena.

Nature park Distance from countries capital city120