Country Holidays

Specialization "Fishing"



There is a place where water tourists can spend time or spend the night on the banks of a river.  There is a pier where boats can be put into the water and then taken out of the water.  The venue offers boats and the necessary equipment, or there is a boat rental place nearby with information about the rental cost and the boats.  There is detailed information about boating routes, and services related to boats, equipment and passenger transport are offered.

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To qualify for the specialisation of „Fishing”, a rural tourism establishment has to meet the following criteria:

  • located less than 3km from a fishing site (a river, a lake, the sea or stocked ponds) and has to meet at least 3 of the following criteria: 
  • the hosts can help guests to acquire fishing licence, if necessary
  • the hosts can show the fishing sites in the vicinity and inform about the fish species
  • facilities to cook the catch or the hosts offer to cook the catch for guests
  • boat rent
  • fishing gear for rent