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Latvia has ancient traditions involving mushrooms. For centuries they been used for eating.  Mushroom gathering tradition is well alive and persuaded in Latvia more than in any other European country. People carrying baskets full of mushrooms in autumn is common site in the country roads and trains coming into the city. Almost every Latvian has some secret mushrooming place and there are plenty of funny stories around the subject. There is even a mushroom gathering festival annually. Modern as well as traditional mushroom preparation is very popular.  There are around 4100 mushroom species in Latvia, 1100 of those are cup mushrooms. About ¼ of these are edible. The most popular edible ones are various Boletus and Chanterelles

Our tours are lead by guide/mycologist.

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6 days
Total distance driving 775 km

Gifts of Nature: mushrooms, berries, plants at Kurzeme region

Latvians live in close connection with nature and annual circle of life. The ancient knowledge how to use the goodies of the nature is still very much alive. Wild mushroom and berry picking is very popular as well as collecting of herbs and flowers for teas and infusions. This tour is trying to give an insight of various angles how to use and enjoy nature's resources. The route goes to Kemeri National Park which is rich of flora and also interesting for its sulphur springs which water is used to improve several health related problems. Then you visit farm which specialises on herbs and teas where owner is keen to share her knowledge about different properties of the plants and how they can be used. Then there is a sightseeing at picturesque Kuldiga and proper fishermen soup on bone fire by the coast at Pavilosta. Next day short trip in the river by traditionally made fishermen boat and experience trip how to make meals using wild products. Sightseeing at Liepaja with white sandy beach and exiting military heritage. Overnight at the Pape Nature Reserve. There is a chance to fish in the lake and learn traditional fish smoking technique. Visit Rucava tradition house where you can feel and see ancient cultural environment and try typical meal. Then you visit Shitaki mushroom grower and could taste them. Afterwards visit to herbal tea growers and producers. Excursion to reproduction of ancient Semigalian Castle. Next day wild mushrooming expedition into forest awaits and preparation of collected ingredients. In the afternoon visit to the producer of products from birch juice where you could learn how to extract the juice from the birch tree and try its juice and sparkling wine. Then back to Riga.

Mushroom picking