Botanic tours

Our botanic tours passes through national parks and nature territories of international importance, sometimes follows the sea shore. During the tour you learn not only about rare and protected plants but also enjoy beautiful landscape, wilderness and solitude. The best time for these tours are June-July. The tours are lead by guide/botanist.

What are the individual tours?
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1 day

Riga-Tallinn stopover: Avotini Herb Garden and Country-Style Lunch in Sidrabini Pub

The distance from Riga to Tallinn is more than 300 km and it takes approx. 5 hours by bus. Therefore we suggest stopping on the way for a brief excursion to a herb farm and lunch in a country pub. This stopover is approx. 1.5 hours’ drive from Riga, just at that point when one needs to stretch one’s legs and enjoy a change of scene. The visit will give an insight in rural life and it may surprise visitors to learn how well Latvians understand nature, knowing and using herbs for food, health and beauty. After the excursion, the group will have lunch in a country pub serving meals made from locally grown ingredients.

Botanical Distance from countries capital city76 Active season months5-9