Country Holidays


A detached house with an isolated yard or a wider territory which is to be used only by the guests staying at the holiday house. The house usually includes a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen with all the necessary appliances for cooking and cutlery, a bathroom and a WC. Fresh towels and bed linen are included in the price. The owners can offer extra services such as feeding, different sorts of active rest, rent of equipment, excursions, etc.



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Viesu māja AMRAI  atrodas Ventspilī, klusā, sakoptā rajonā, 6 km no centrālās pludmales un 2 km no savvaļas pludmales.  Nakšņošanai piedāvā labiekārtotu divstāvu brīvdienu mājiņu ar diviem atsevišķiem numuriem, kā arī labiekārtotus 1istabas un 3istabu dzīvokļus privātmājā ar atsevišķām ieejām no pagalma. Vienistabas dzīvoklī ir duša, wc, virtuve,TV - vietējā, internets. Trīsistabas dzīvoklī ir džakuzi vanna, wc, virtuve, TV-vietejā, internets. Abos dzīvokļos ir veļas mašīna.

Dārzā ir vieta rotaļām, batuti, grilli. Piedāvā galda spēles un spēles brīvā dabā- bezmaksas. Iespēja pasūtīt ēdināšanu, sarunāt auklīti, izīrēt divriteņus.

Guests21   Bedrooms5   Season1-12   Accommodation available Optional meals

Holiday cottage and sauna “Veselibas sala”

Holiday cottage and spa located by Vertukšnes lake, offering training and services focused on the practise of a healthy lifestyle. Black (smoke) sauna with traditional sauna rituals, massages, detoxification, weight reduction, and colour therapy Bioptron pro 1. 

Facilities: summer cottage, bicycles and cycling routes, mushroom and berry picking, raw food preparation classes.

Nature for Health   Sauna Experience   Guests4 (6)   Bedrooms2 (1)   Distance from countries capital city256   Season6-9  


Bathhouse on the shore of Jugla river for families (not intended for noisy events). The maximum number of persons - 6 persons. Variety of activities available for parents (Russian bath, fishing in pond, the latest newspapers) and kids (games, trampoline, novus, bicycles, feeding rabbits). Bathhouse is freshly renovated and well-maintained, it is possible to order dinner, breakfast.

Bathhouse is located 25 km from Riga, it is reachable by bus.

The price depends on the service used and the number of persons.

Guests4 (2)   Bedrooms2 (1)   Distance from countries capital city30   Season1-12   Internet access