Country Holidays

Active leisure

Accommodation, offering guests a variety of leisure activities - sports grounds and sports equipment, or accommodation located nearby active leisure park.


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A convenient rest stop touring the Baltic countries. Suitable for tourists who are traveling in Latvia and Baltic States (48 km from Riga and 18km from Bauska). The camping grounds on a farm open all year. Power connection 220V, shower, WC, kitchen, washing machine, fire place, grill, playground for kids and other attractions, ball games, boat rides. The excursion - an experience exchange on a farmstead with 200 hectares of land. A collection of old farming tools and utensils.

Active leisure   Guests12 (6)   Bedrooms3   Distance from countries capital city48   Season1-12  


The ELINGI leisure complex offers the following services during the summer:

*  Water skiing

*  Wakeboarding

*  Hopping with a water kangaroo

*  Attractions with a water ball

*  Fishing

*  Trips on the LielupeRiver in a rowboat or motorboat

*  A pier for boats

During the winter:

*  Cross country skiing on the frozen LielupeRiver or along forest trails

*  A skating rink on the river

*  Trips on snow cycles

*  A sauna and a hole in the ice into which one leaps after heating oneself through

Active leisure   Fishing   Guests6   Bedrooms2 (6)   Distance from countries capital city26   Season1-12   Internet access


distanču slēpošana, ūdensslēpes, veikbords

Fishing   Active leisure   Guests14   Bedrooms5 (2)   Distance from countries capital city23   Season5-9   Accommodation available Internet access

Sporta un atputas parks PILADZU MOTOTRASE

Mototrase. Sporta un atpūtas pasākumu organizēšana
For parties   Silence and Peace   For children and teenagers   Active leisure   Seminars   Canoeing   Guests1   Bedrooms1   Season1-12   Accepts tourist groups Disable Access Internet access Optional meals Accepts individual travellers
from 150 EUR / night


A guesthouse located in a recently renovated household building 12 km from Vecpiebalga. On the first floor there is a large hall with kitchen located behind the bar counter. Open-fire/grill, bathhouse based on firewood heating. On the second floor: four bedrooms, three doubles and one triple, all equipped with shower and WC. Sports court, fish ponds, Nature, calm and silence, rustic products available.


For parties   Silence and Peace   Fishing   Active leisure   Skiing   Guests9 (2)   Bedrooms4   Distance from countries capital city135   Season1-12   Accommodation available Internet access Optional meals

Hotel and restaurant LIEPUPE MANOR

Muižas parkā piedāvājam dažādas āra spēles.
Izbraucienus uz jūru ar “Ērenpreiss” velosipēdiem.
Piedāvājam sagatavot piknika grozus, piknikam muižas parkā.
Atpūtu skaistajā Vidzemes pludmalē, kas atrodas tikai 5 km attālumā.
Piedāvājam nūjas - nūjošanai.
Bērniem - bērnu laukumu.

Rural SPA   Silence and Peace   By the sea   For parties   Seminars   Active leisure   Guests48 (16)   Bedrooms16   Distance from countries capital city73   Optional meals Internet access SPA


Rest and recreation on the shores of Lake Ciecere. Guest-house for overnighting, seminars, banquets. Cottages, water skiing, paddle boats, trips by jeep in „roadless” park, country sauna.
For parties   Active leisure   Sauna Experience   Seminars   Beautiful sights   Guests50 (10)   Bedrooms12   Distance from countries capital city100   Season1-12   Optional meals Internet access

Rehabilitacijas centrs LIGATNE

Alongside the Gauja in the forests of Līgatne, we offer single, double, triple and quadruple rooms with all conveniences, some of them recently restored.  We offer a sauna, pool and massage bath.  There are facilities for celebrations and seminars for 15 to 180 people, with an Internet connection and everything that is necessary for seminars.  Professional rehabilitation specialists offer their services.  We also offer tours of a secret Soviet bunker which was known as the “Retirement Home.”

Active leisure   Beautiful sights   Skiing   For parties   Seminars   Guests30 (20)   Bedrooms6   Distance from countries capital city75   Season1-12   Disable Access Optional meals SPA Internet access


In the middle of Daugavpils, Rēzekne, Krāslava and Preiļi, near Ciritis lake are  13 camping cottages with shower/WC.  Country sauna with fireplace for 30 people.  Sauna specialist available (order in advance).  Room for trailers, tents.  Swing-sets and an obstacle course for children.  Sports equipment available. Near the Aglona Basilica.

Skiing   Active leisure   Fishing   Guests34 (26)   Bedrooms15   Distance from countries capital city243   Season4-11   Optional meals


On the side of the Rīga-Liepāja highway and 50 km from Rīga is a leisure complex with a guesthouse that has a hall for up to 60 people, a fireplace room, a sauna, four bedrooms, and room for mattresses.  We offer a sauna with a bedroom on the second floor, a hunter’s cottage with a sauna and two rooms on the second floor, a hot water tub, an outdoor fireplace, pergolas, sports fields, pony rides, a quadricycle, and visits to see rabbits and sheep.  There is a saloon which is open every day all around the year.  We offer dining services, as well as a tent for events with as many as 50 guests.

Active leisure   Horseback riding   Fishing   Seminars   For parties   Guests20 (20)   Bedrooms6 (1)   Distance from countries capital city50   Season1-12   Internet access Optional meals Accommodation available