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Ländliche Leckereien
Ländliche Leckereien Lettland, Zemgale, Viesītes novads

Cafe Alida


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Lokale Lebensstil
Lokale Lebensstil

This company has been producing chicory coffee since 2009.  The landlady, Jolanta, has used her grandmother Alīda's recipe and processes. 

The farm produces chicory, and it buys carrots and grain from other farmers.  They also pick acorns from the greatest oak trees of Selonia.  The coffee recipe has been given a Culinary Heritage mark. 

Jolanta Kovnacka returned to her native Viesīte Administrative District after finishing her education and gaining work experience.  The idea of a chicory coffee factory was a response to a financial crisis.  Jolanta is delighted to do work that she enjoys and that is appreciated by her clients.  That's why she opened the company's doors to visitors. 

Guests will learn about the production of the coffee, the raw materials, the history of the process, the farm, the garden and the hothouse.  There will be a chance to prepare one's own coffee mixture.  After working with the coffee or doing other work at the farm, guests can spend some time at a coffee cup in the garden of the farm.  Guests can also go on a short walk in the area and buy products to take home with them.  An additional option is to take part in cracking acorns to prepare raw materials for the coffee.


  • A tour of the farm to learn about the history of chicory coffee, the way in which it is produced, the raw materials and the finished product;
  • Selection of raw materials, preparation of a recipe and calculation of weight;
  • Preparation and mixture of raw materials, toasting and cooling down the coffee;
  • Preparation of packages, choosing a name, weighing and sealing;
  • Brewing one's own coffee, tasting it, and enjoying snacks along with the beverage.

Nach alten Rezepten wird Kaffee hier aus Zichorienwurzel, Gerste, Eicheln, Hanf und Möhren hergestellt. Der Herstellungsprozess wird gezeigt und erläutert und die Produkte werden zur Verkostung angeboten.

Für Kinder und Jugendliche
Für Kinder und Jugendliche


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LC Mitglied
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Lettisches Erbe

The owners use old recipes to produce aromatic chicory coffee – a true local product from Latvia’s countryside goodies.  All of the raw materials for chicory coffee come from surrounding fields and meadows.  Visitors learn about the process and the history thereof, also looking at traditions related to such coffee.  The coffee can be tasted and purchased.


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Der Roggenweg - Anbauer/Hersteller

Führungen durch die Produktionsstätte, Kaffeeverkostung mit Leckereien 10–40 Pers., 1 Std. Kaffee–Workshop mit Kaffeezubereitung nach einem Rezept Ihrer Wahl 5–10 Pers., 2,5 Std.