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What's special about the nature in Lithuania?

The Curonian spit - a sandy, desert-like stretch of land between the Baltic see and the Curonian Inlet, teh hilly landscapes of the Žemaitija region, the blue mirror labyrinths of the lakes in teh Aukštaitija region, the pine forests in teh Dzūkija region, the curves of the Nemuna river valley, and the many regional nature parks, created not only to protect  the nature but also for people's recreation and interest - these are the nature values attracting guests of Lithuania.

You can plan your trip, choosing the nature sites in Lithuania you would like to see, or you can pick from our tour itineraries leading through beautiful protected nature areas. 

Act responsibly - follow the Green advice!

Animal/bird/plant watching site nature sites with bird and animal watching facilities and/or services
Dunes dunes in protected nature sites
Lakes protected and especially scenic lakes
Protected nature sites nature reserves, national parks, etc.
Relief hills and elevations
Seashore scenic seashore stretches
Trails nature educational trails
Trees outstanding secular trees, attractive trees, alleys, etc.
Viewing sites scenic road stretches, views from hilltops, hillforts, riverbanks and seashore