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Latvia has ancient traditions involving mushrooms. For centuries they been used for eating.  Mushroom gathering tradition is well alive and persuaded in Latvia more than in any other European country. People carrying baskets full of mushrooms in autumn is common site in the country roads and trains coming into the city. Almost every Latvian has some secret mushrooming place and there are plenty of funny stories around the subject. There is even a mushroom gathering festival annually. Modern as well as traditional mushroom preparation is very popular.  There are around 4100 mushroom species in Latvia, 1100 of those are cup mushrooms. About ¼ of these are eadible. The most popular eadible ones are various Boletus and Chanterelles.

Tour package examples:

Mushroom Tour at Kurzeme Region

Mushroom Tour at Vidzeme Region

Request our Botanical Guide - Plant Finder, your best companion to plant watching in Latvia

“Worth Seeing” - Latvia’s most interesting botany-related nature trails.

“Plant and Mushroom Routes” - a list of ready-made routes. 

“Plant Finder” photos and descriptions of more than 400 different most common plants, lichens and mushrooms species to help you to recognize them in the field. 

“Protect and preserve” - our list of all of the protected species of plants.

This guide can be used as a workbook in your practical observations. Each of the «Worth seeing» objects has a check-box. Mark the sites you have visited. In the «Plant Finder» section, write the date you spotted the plant in the line «When ... », and the name of the place in the line “Where...”.

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