Country Holidays


Services Members
Other interested persons
Annual fee EUR 50
Support and consultations
Representation of interests +*
Consulting by telephone +
Consulting in the office of the Association (LC) +
EUR 35
Use of the LC visual identity symbols in marketing and advertising (including signposts) +
Promotion in advertising campaigns, media coverages preference Fees apply
Promotion  / information dissemination in tourism fairs in Latvia and abroad
Fees apply
Displaying the property's information in the office of LC + EUR 30 per year
A visit by the LC representative to check the facilities and include in the reservation system** + choice of LC
Full contact details + link to another web site of your property from +
EUR 70 per year
Quality system "Butterfly"
First inspection, consultation on site, placing in one of four categories and placing in LC booking system +
EUR 85
Repeated inspection upon request -50%
EUR 70
Professional information and publications
Regular supply of current professional  news by post /e-mail +
Participation in conferences, seminars -50%
Road signposts with LC logo (from Latsin, aluminium, reflecting, one-sided / two-sided)*** EUR 35 / EUR 45
Road signposts with LC logo (from Latvijas Finieris, with the 1st class reflecting plating, two-sided, with fixings)*** EUR 30

"+"  the service is free of charge
"-" the service is not available

** visits to rural tourism properties before adding them to the database of Lauku celotajs are scheduled by the Association, for optimum timing and itinerary, following arrangement with the property owners.
*** the price may change depending on the supplier's price changes.

If you would like to join the association, please fill the APPLICATION and send it by e-mail: