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Wellness These facilities are appropriate for people who think about mind and body. Here you can enjoy a massage, a session in a sauna with herbs and aromatic scents, as well as various outdoor sports activities. In all of these facilities, smoking is not permitted indoors.

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Treatments for beauty and wellness you can enjoy also in Baltic states' hotels and guest houses. SPA offer see here.
Sauna in the Baltics
Sauna is one of the most popular activities in the countryside of the Baltics – it improves one’s feeling of wellness: recharges the batteries, stabilizes blood circulation, improves metabolism, facilitates skin cleansing as well as alleviates stress. There are four types of saunas in the Baltic countryside:
  • The wet sauna is the most common – here, water is poured on heated stones and people thrash each other using whisks made of various grasses or twigs. The temperature in this type of sauna is 60-80 degrees C.
  • The dry sauna which is heated by electricity with the temperature being capable of reaching 100 degrees C.
  • The steam sauna in which steam at 70 degrees C is injected.
  • The smoke or black sauna which is the oldest type of sauna in the Baltics – it is without a chimney and the smoke from the fire inside is allowed to escape through the sauna window. Most of the black saunas can be found in Latgale – the South-Eastern region of Latvia.