Country Holidays

Specialization "Skiing"



The venue is less than 5 km from a well-appointed downhill skiing or cross-country skiing facility.  There is information about nearby ski trails and the services which they offer.  There are partnerships with ski trails, including special discounts on leasing of equipment and use of the trails, etc.  There are special rooms to dry clothing and footwear and to store equipment.  There is a convenient car park during winter conditions.  There is a kitchen, or dining services are offered.

Read more on skiing here.


Located less than 20 km from cross-country or downhil skiing facilities. and has to meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • sauna
  • fireplace
  • a room for drying the skiiing clothes and storing the skiing equipment
  • Other winter activities available in the vicinity (at least one of the below):
    • skating
    • horse-drawn sled
    • other