Urlaub auf dem Land
No 20611
Handwerker Lettland, Latgale, Rēzeknes novads

The potter Viktors Uspelis

This potter upholds pottery traditions from the village of Silajāņi. He produces glazed and unglazed products such as dishware, candelabras, etc. You will hear attractive stories about pottery, be allowed to knead some clay and work on the potter’s wheel, and be able to tour an exhibition hall with samples of the master’s work, as produced over the course of the years. You can also commission and purchase products.

Agro-Erbe   Entfernung von der Hauptstadt241   Saison1-12   Hier werden individuell Reisende empfangen Mit vorheriger Anmeldung Hier werden Gruppen von Touristen empfangen
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