No 50178
PKW-Fahrten Reisen auf eigene Faust Lettland

Culinary Route "Flavours of Livonia" - Liv's road

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Historians say that Liv tribes began to settle the territory that is now Latvia in the 10th century.  They lived in Northern Kurzeme, at the mouths of the Daugava and Gauja Rivers, and from Ģipka to Oviši, where seaside fishing villages of Liv origin can still be found.

Coastal residents have always eaten various sea, river and lake fish dishes, including smoked sole, Baltic herring, cod, bream or eelpout, baked lampreys, salted sprats, Baltic herring and common herring.  Fresh and lightly salted Baltic salmon is a delicacy.  Whole fish are baked on hot coals, including pike perch, trout, carp, catfish and European perch.  Guests can participate in catching and smoking fish and tastings with bits of everything is available on degustations.

Rye can be tasted in rye bread and sourdough bread, carrot buns and even pancakes and gingerbread.  Barley buns are common in Vidzeme, as are tasty meat and fowl dishes.  There will always be a pig's snout with peas or an oven-roasted piglet on New Year's Eve.  Taverns serve wild game with lingonberries, mushrooms and other wild tastes.  Side dishes include autumn vegetables, pumpkin, beans or grits, as well as sinfully tasty sauces.

Enjoy traditional pies, sheet cakes, pretzels, apple cakes and honey bakes during celebrations or every day.  You will enjoy desserts made of rye breadcrumbs, cranberries, lingonberries and sweet cream.  Popular in Kurzeme are blackberry dumplings, and during summers, there are lots of desserts with fresh berries.  Boost your health with aromatic herbal teas and honey, or enjoy some homemade wine or beer.