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Skiing These homes are located near well equipped ski hills and cross country skiing trails. Many of them also offer skating on backyard pond, riding in a horse drawn sleigh, or skidooing, sledding or tobaggoing and even ice-fishing. Supper and a sauna are also possible.

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What do you need to know about skiing in the Baltics?
The first snow in the Baltic States arrives in November, but the real skiing season begins only around Christmas time and lasts till the end of March. The average temperature in winter is -2C0 with January being the coldest month. The heaviest snowfall in the Baltics occurs in southern Estonia and northeastern Latvia – and that’s where the most popular ski hills are located. These hills have well groomed ski runs of varying difficulty, tows, night lighting and snow-making equipment. Cafes or snack bars and equipment rental shops where you can rent skiis, boots, snowboards and other gear are nearby.

Skiing hills in the Baltics
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Name of the hill
Length of run
In Latvia
Golgāta trase (Gaiziņkalns)
280-320m Madona District
Dāmu paradīze (Gaiziņkalns)
350m    Madona District
Mežezers 200 - 700m
Aizkraukle District
Riekstu trase - Lido
200 - 400m
Madona District
Pilsētas trase 200 - 350m Sigulda
Kordes trase 190 - 275m Sigulda
Kaķīša trase 100 - 320m Sigulda
Ziediņu trase
300m Sigulda
Dēliņkalns 320m Alūksne District
Ķauķu kalns 300 - 400m Alūksne District
Žagarkalns 180 - 400m Cēsis District
Zviedru cepure 220-300m Talsi District
Milzkalne 160 - 320m Tukums District
Pārsteiguma kalns
200m Madona District
Baiļi 120 - 180m Valmiera District
80 - 250m Talsi District
Bākūža kalns 320m Madona District
Sniega kalns 230m Ventspils
Ozolkalns 500m Cēsis District
Jēkaba Grava 160 - 250m Tukums District
Reiņa trase 150 - 300m Sigulda, Krimulda
In Estonia
270-470m Valga District
450m Valga District
Kütirorg 300m Vöru District

Cross-country skiing tracks in the Baltics
Name of the track
Length of the track
In Latvia
3 km Valmiera District
3km, 1km Tukums District
Lejas Jozumi 3,5km Madona District
Riekstu trase - Lido
Madona District
Mailes 1-5km Ogre District
2-5km Alūksne District
Reiņa trase 300m, 1.5km Sigulda, Krimulda
Open-Air Ethnographic Museum 1, 2, 3km
Riga, Brīvības gatve 44
In Estonia
Tehvandi 4,2km Valga District