Urlaub auf dem Land
No 10555
Pfad Lettland, Kurzeme, Tukuma novads

The trail tells about grey dunes which have survived thanks to the border restrictions and the presence of military. The trail starts from the parking place at the mouth of the Užava river. It is one of the few natural rivermouths in Europe. One can also see the „tacis”, an industrial installation for lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) fishing during their spawning migration period. The 3km long trail is circular. It winds for 1.5km from the Užava rivermouth to the North, along the coastline (the beach is covered with sand and pebbles), and returns to the starting point by a gravel road through grey dunes. Along the trail, one can observe a distinct white dune with rare plant species Linaria loeselii, Lathyrus maritimus, Anthyllis arenaria, Tragopogon heterospermus. About 1km from the rivermouth, in the sea, one can see a wrack of a sailing ship (parts of frame). The visibility depends on the flow of sand in the sea. The way back opens a beautiful view of the range of grey dunes. Unfortunately, Scots Pine starts taking over the area. There are three important biotopes of EU significance: „Fixed dunes with herbaceous vegetation 2130”, „Decalcified fixed dunes with Empetrum nigrum 2140” and „Dunes with Salix arenaria 2170”, forming a unique mosaic. Typical species here: mountain Alison ‘(Alyssum gmelinii), Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla pratensis), Sand Pink (Dianthus arenarius), Rosemary Leaved Willow (Salix rosmarinifolia), Dark Red Helleborine (Epipactis atrorubens), Kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylus uva-ursi).

As a former military site, some military constructions can be seen here like horseshoe-shaped sand ramparts by the road in gray dunes. They were built to disguise military vehicles in case of sea attack. By the Kangroti graveyard, towards the Užava river, there is an underground pillbox. It is a one-man fortification to fire along the coastal perimeter.

The Mouth of River Užava walking route is in the nature reserve „Užava”

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