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Tierzucht Lettland, Vidzeme, Valmieras novads

Valmiermuizas stallis


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Lokale Lebensstil
Lokale Lebensstil

Valmiermuiža is on the northern border of Valmiera.  The stable and riding school were established during the first half of the 19th century in three buildings that are joined together by a yard with paving stones and are surrounded by a stone and mortar fence with a gate.

The Jurašs family currently manages this location, hoping to preserve the very best traditions in Latvian horse breeding.  The owner has been part of the Latvian horseback riding team, and he and his daughter, Viktorija, have won many prizes at riding championships in Latvia.  The family directs the Valmiermuiža Riding School, with some 50 students aged from 4 to 84 who wish to learn how to ride a horse.  There are also creative camps for children which feature a great many practical skills.  Many kids have never pushed a wheelbarrow, raked hay or fed and tended to animals that are as large as a horse.

Staff at the stable welcome adults and children as guests.  They offer an educational tour about tending to horses, breeding horses and types of horses.  Visitors can help with work at the stable and view an exhibition of items related to the work at the stable and look at an exhibition of horse breeding equipment.


  • Meeting the owners of the Valmiermuiža stable or one of their trustworthy assistants;
  • Learning about the history of the stable;
  • An educational tour of the stable to learn about horse breeding, various types of horses and their historical role in the lives of Latvians; should anyone wish to, they can clean the horses and feed carrots to them;
  • A chance to look at and handle various tools related to horse breeding;
  • It is possible to climb onto the back of a horse if that is arranged in advance.