No 21029
Handwerker Lettland, Zemgale, Jelgavas novads

Skalu pinumi

Wooden slat weaving workshop is located in Jelgava county, Sesava parish. Craftswoman is making different type of wooden slat baskets and basketry from pine, linden, aspen and black alder.

There are several different categories of baskets, available in different sizes - picknick baskets, baskets for berry and mushroom picking, trays, baskets for firewood, laundry baskets, onion / garlic baskets, baskets for kids, and diverse baskets for daily use. Various inscriptions and drawings are also made on the weavings. They also accept orders for individual orders. In the workshop it is possible to see the wooden slat basket weaving process as well as have the opportunity to learn to make your own basket.

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