No 20518
Höfe Tierzucht
Höfe Lettland, Kurzeme, Rojas novads


The sauna and  rest place Raudini is a place where you can rest in a comfortable quiet atmosphere, between the sea and the forest.

You will be able to experience relaxation offered by a wooden-heated sauna, wisping with besoms, enjoying the sauna ritual to its fullest and drinking herbal tea. After the wisping you can cool off in the pond with water lilies and, to finish off your sauna ritual we offer chocolate or honey massages.

Here it is possible to rest with your family or a small circle of friends, preparing a tasty meal on the outdoor terrace on the real wooden stove or fireplace. In the evening you will be able to watch the sunset rays in the tree spires.  It is possible to use tent places  outside for spending the night and wait for the sunrise near the sea. Quiet, peaceful and natural coolness.

Lokale Lebensstil Entfernung von der Hauptstadt120 Saison1-12
Kamin im GartenZeltplatz