Urlaub auf dem Land
No 20359
Museen Lettland, Kurzeme, Rucavas novads

Mikjanu seta

This facility is in the historical village of Pape in Southern Kurzeme.  Accommodations are available in an historical granary with a roof made of reeds.  It is appropriate for inhabitation during the late spring, the summer and the early fall.  There are three bedrooms, a small front room and a kitchen, with two floors in all.  The building will fit eight people.  This is an ideal location for creative camps, plenary sessions, master workshops and other activities.  There are tenting areas for as many as 80 people.  The Mikjāņi farm observes local traditions and offers traditional foods such as “herring on coals,” white butter with boiled potatoes, fish soup, etc., for visitors who apply for a meal in advance.  This offer is only available to groups which register in advance.

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