No 10521
Moor Lettland, Zemgale

The Great Kemeri Heath

This is one of the largest high-type swamps (6,192 ha) in Latvia, with very distinct landscapes of little lakes and hillocks.  The Great Ķemeri Heath is of importance as an extensive hydrological system and preserver of the local microclimate.  It is also of international importance as a site for birds, as well as a major source of sulphurous water.  Along the Kalnciems-Kūdra road, which is on the eastern edge of the swamp (3.4 km from the Rīga-Ventspils highway), there is an information stand with information about the management of the heath and about the role of swamps in nature and in the lives of people.  Great Ķemeri Heath wooden pathway trail is now restored and opened for visitors in 2013.

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