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Touren in der wilden Natur
Touren in der wilden Natur Individuell Lettland, Kurzeme

Short-breaks at Kemeri and Slitere National Parks

ab 200 EUR / Pers.
4 Tagen

This is for birders who can’t afford to take longer breaks to enjoy birdwatching. Short but rewarding trip during spring migration. Cape Kolka is a place where pass the largest numbers of migrating birds in the spring time. More than several tenth of thousand birds cross the Cape each hour. During active period of migration it is possible to see more than 100 different species daily just at this one place. There are several birdwaching places located at different biotops – seaside meadows, sea cost and lakes and wetlands. Kemeri National Park is one of the best places for woodepecker watching. In a short period of time it is possible to see about seven species.