No 21102
Tierzucht Lettland, Vidzeme, Valmieras novads

Jeru Klubs

The “Lamb Club” is a farm in Mazsalaca, and it is special because the sheep live in a real club!  The owners offer the atmosphere of a farm at which the sheep play major roles.  Enjoy mutton and sheep milk foods and beverages, feel how comfortable it is to read your favourite while sitting on a fluffy sheepskin, and, in order not to get cold by the campfire in the evening, you can purchase warm woollen socks and woven woollen cloaks.

The owners hope that people from Latvia and all around the world will spend more time at the farm, because accommodations involve a new glamping tent that is as close as possible to nature and the healthy rural environment.  Don’t lose a lick of the comfort that you are used to in your everyday life!

The owners, Ilze and Valters, will be happy to give you a tour during which they talk about herding sheep.  If you contact them in advance, they will prepare a tasty mutton meal for you.  The tour can also be supplemented with various activities such as games, quizzes and creative workshops at which sheep wool is utilised.

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