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Bienen Höfe
Bienen Lettland, Latgale, Kārsavas novads

Rural Homestead of Janis Sicans

By the beekeeping farm “Kalniņi” there is a Bee Hut – small wooden house in which you can feel the presence of bees. The hives with seven bee families are built-in the sides of the Bee Hut, but inside the building they are designed as beds or seats. When looking at the building from the outside you can see the bee runs and also bees themselves. In addition, “Kalniņi” also offer different types of bee products – honey, pollen bread, beautiful and aromatic wax candles. It is possible to taste beekeeping products and enjoy a cap of warm tea. Families with kids can participate in educational workshops, learn how to make wax candles and gain information about the daily life in the beekeeping farm.

Since summer 2018 everyone can also visit the House of Crafts, where you can participate in different activities such as Encaustic painting (also known as hot wax painting), create wooden souvenirs with burnt folk signs as well as create wax candles etc. The House of Crafts offers different itineraries for grownups, kids, youngsters and newlyweds. There you can also purchase the offered products - various flower honey, pollen, pollen bread, propolis, cell honey and wax candles.

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