No 20967
Handwerker Lettland, Kurzeme, Jaunpils novads, Jelgava

Jaunpils Handwerk Haus

The Jaunpils Crafts House opened on May 10, 2015, and it is home to a group of weavers from Jaunpils that was established in 1970, as well as the “Dzīpars” organisation.  The group is led by a master weaver, Velga Pavlovska, who is happy to share her knowledge with the 18 women who are part of the group.  She organises the work of women who do handicrafts, and she also conducts tours and creative workshops.  Visitors can learn about the work of weavers and other master handicraft specialists, take part in educational master classes, go on tours and purchase various souvenirs.

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Jaunpils pag., Jaunpils nov.
LV-3145, Lettland