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Schloß, Landgut Ferienhaus
Schloß, Landgut Lettland, Vidzeme, Amatas novads



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Wegbeschreibung (mit PKW)

From Riga take the Vidzeme highway, ~ 2km behind Ieriķi on the left there will be a turn to Kārļi. At this junction, follow this road (downhill) across Amata, then up the hill to Kārļi (to the junction of equal importance) where you turn right and continue for ~ 200m until you see the entrance on the right. Turn into it and drive to 'Plienakmens' house with a tile roof.

Wegbeschreibung (mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel)

Bus ‘Rīga - Cēsis’ to the bus station ‘Mūrnieki’ (~1 h 39 min). Pick up and transfer to Kārļamuiža country hotel (~3 km / 4 min).

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The tour is lead by the professional mycologist and combines the mysterious world of mushrooms with local culinary traditions. Latvia has ancient traditions involving mushrooms. For centuries they been used for eating.  Mushroom gathering tradition is well alive and persuaded in Latvia more than in any other European country. People carrying baskets full of mushrooms in autumn is common site in the country roads and trains coming into the city. Almost every Latvian has some secret mushrooming place and there are plenty of funny stories around the subject. There is even a mushroom gathering festival annually. Modern as well as traditional mushroom preparation is very popular. There are around 4100 mushroom species in Latvia, 1100 of those are cup mushrooms. About ¼ of these are edible. The most popular edible ones are various Boletus and Chanterelles. 


Das Gästehaus befindet sich in Karli. Es ist in dem ehemaligen Wohnhaus der Diener eingerichtet. Hier werden hauptsächlich einheimische Produkte verwendet und Speisen werden nur auf individueller und vorheriger Bestellung vorbereitet.

Lettische Küche: Braten, Apfelblechkuchen, hausgemachtes Eis, Brotsuppe, Himmelsbrei, Steinpilzsoße, hausgemachter Wein.

Das besondere Gericht: Bachforelle aus der Ortschaft Karli.