No 20521
Getränke Lettland, Kurzeme, Tukuma novads

Familienbetrieb Kellerei ABAVA und Weinkeller


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Liene Barkāne, Mārtiņš Barkāns
+371 26630022, 29125518
Slampes pag.
Tukuma nov.
LV-3133, Lettland

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The vineyard of the ABAVA family winery covers 3.5 ha at this time, and is being expanded year by year.  We have a wide range of types of grapes, and we harvest them each year to produce a limited amount of wine.

The winery was set up by the family of Mārtiņš and Liene Barkāns, and it is a well-developed company which produces high-quality beverages from fruits and berries that are grown in Latvia.  The ABAVA winery was established in 2010, and it quite quickly became one of Latvia’s leading wineries.