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Höfe Heilkräuter und Tees Tierzucht
Höfe Lettland, Vidzeme, Ikšķiles novads

The IKS Park

The IKS Park organisation offers rural joy, playing around and relaxing at the edge of a forest.  Visitors can engage in crafts, learn about medicinal plants from Latvia in an interactive way and also learn about the properties of same.  There are two different territories.  One is an open-air exhibition of medicinal plants, with six beds of various plants.  Visitors are invited to stroll through the garden and learn about plants that might be useful and appropriate for them.  There is also room for mini-football, a barefoot trail, an “ant trail” that is a relay race with various steps, a pergola and a class to teach about nature.  Second, there is a small farm with workshops and a mini zoo.  Under a large canopy or in a cosy fireplace hall, visitors can try their hand at traditional and modern Latvian crafts.  There is also a chance to play various games, some of which are quite ancient, indeed.  Master craftsmen at the farm offer practical activities that allow visitors to produce their own souvenirs.  Class topics include weaving of blankets from plants, jewellery making, soap making, grinding of flour, etc.



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