No 20809
Höfe Lettland, Vidzeme, Madonas novads

The untraditional Bieles farm

This farm is run by a young family which left the hurly-burly of Rīga to enjoy the peace of the countryside.  The couple wants to restore links with the earth, learn to hear and feel the seasons, and to establish a sustainable farm.  They love everything that is natural and even a bit untraditional.  They like to engage in experiments and dislike the stiffness of the city.  Bieles is 15 km from Madona, 2 km from Ļaudona, 30 km from Mount Gaiziņš, 159 km from Rīga and 100 m above sea level.  Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are guaranteed.



Entfernung von der Hauptstadt156 Saison1-12