How to get the environmental quality mark "Green Certificate"?

Application, criteria and their explanation, self-assessment, commission

Get acquainted with the Green Certificate criteria for accommodations, farms, dining establishments, campsites and camping parks. They are available both in Word document format (only in Latvian) and online by filling out a self-assessment form (only in Latvian) and checking which areas need improvement. Online you will also find an explanation for each criterion and tips on how to implement it on your business.

If you have decided - send the application to "Lauku ceļotājs" After receiving the application letter, it will be included in the inspection list and the inspector will agree on the inspection time to assess compliance with the certification criteria. The inspector prepares documentation on the results of the inspection and presents it at the meeting of the Commission. The Green Certificate Commission decides on granting, refusing or postponing the Green Certificate to the business. The Commission makes a decision: to grant or extend the Green Certificate to the business and to allow the use of the Green Certificate brand; refuse to grant the Green Certificate, justifying the reasons for the refusal, or postpone the decision if additional information is required or it is necessary to eliminate non-compliance with the criteria for awarding the Green Certificate. The Commission's decision has been sent to the applicant and is published at

The Green certificate is valid for 36 months. In order to extend it, a repeated inspection of the business must be carried out in accordance with the procedure and criteria for awarding the Green Certificate.

Certification is voluntary.

Green Certificate self-assessment - online

In this section, it is possible to carry out a self-assessment for businesses that are not registered as users in the system. The site is intended as an opportunity to check your business's compliance with each Green Certificate criterion. The host can receive the rating, however, the data can only be saved if the host connects to the system and becomes a registered user. It is possible to connect by going to the page: /lv/user/home or choosing the option Connect from the page The user manual of the system can be found at the following link: /cont/prof/files/sistemas_instrukcija/Instrukcija_www_LC.pdf. Therefore, this option is intended more as an informative and educational function for applicants or those who are learning enviromentally friendly management - giving a rating, but not keeping the result.

How to get the environmental quality mark "Green Certificate"
The seminar (in Latvian) is led by Juris Smalinskis, inspector of the Green Certificate - commission member.