Saloons, cafes and other places in small towns and the countryside which offer tasty dishes made of local products and on the basis of traditional Latvian recipes – ones which differ from region to region.

  • Special programmes are offered to visitors, with meals, stories about holiday and everyday traditions, and songs. Sometimes visitors are involved in preparing the food.
  • Menus use local names for dishes along with explanations and a discussion of the local dialect.
  • Providers of Latvian foods also use ethnographic styles for interior design, as well as dishes, furniture, textiles, etc., from local craftspeople.
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The “Putelkrogs” café

This family-run café is on the edge of the Jelgava-Tērvete road, at the historic Pūteļi dairy processing plant.

Latvian cuisine: Goat’s cheese, cold beet soup, grey peas with bacon, herring with potatoes and cottage cheese, roast pork, veal with wild mushroom sauce, pork roast in heather honey, crepes with heather honey, rye bread, birch juice, cranberry beverage, vodka, local beers.

Special foods: Zeppelins a la Pūteļkrogs, served with wild mushroom sauce, chicken filet stuffed with tomatoes, goat’s cheese and dried tomatoes.

Distance from countries capital city65   Season1-12   Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accommodation available

The “Eglieni” saloon

The saloon is on the edge of the Rīga-Liepāja highway (A9) at the Eglieni leisure complex, which merges the Latvian environment with the modern environment. Herbs come from the complex’s own garden.

Latvian cuisine: Cold beet soup, herring with cottage cheese and soured cream, grit sausage with cottage cheese balls, stacked rye bread, cottage cheese dessert with compote, country teas, kvass.

Special foods: Mushroom soup and filet of chicken stuffed with mushrooms.

Distance from countries capital city50   Season1-12   Accommodation available Accepts tourist groups This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts individual travellers

The “Rozu krodzins” saloon of the Piena Estate

The saloon is in the restored mansion of the Sieksāte (Berghof) Estate, and there is a milk museum in the granary and the cheese-making building. Guests can try their hand at milking cows and at churning and tasting fresh butter.

Latvian cuisine: Rye bread, herring with cottage cheese, milk soup, boiled potatoes a la countryside with chives, sliced venison, pike-perch in cream, plaice with peas, potato pancakes with lingonberry jam.

Special foods: Piena Estate cheesecake, homemade egg liqueur.

Distance from countries capital city156   Season1-12   Accommodation available This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers

Kafejnica "Liepajas virziens"

Kafejnīca "Liepājas virziens" atrodas Liepājas šosejas (A9) 0,5. kilometrā.

Distance from countries capital city18   Season1-12  

Valmiermuiza Beer

Tourists can learn about the history of the estate and the brewing of beer, beginning with raw materials and ending with finished products. The visit is enriched by tastings of live beer and stories about Latvia’s traditional holiday beverage. Alongside the brewery is a store which sells live beer, homemade goodies and selected souvenirs.

The “Valmiermuižas alus virtuve” saloon popularises Latvian beers and uses beer in various dishes. A modern approach to homemade products is used to prepare foods and beer-based snacks. There is a beer garden during the summer, and the saloon merges traditional things with modern ones.

Latvian cuisine: Smoked pork, filet of pike from Lake Burtnieks, green pea mash, with loganberries, quince, pumpkin birch juice and mushroom sauce as accompaniments.

Special foods: Slice of pork marinated in unfiltered winter beer.

For parties   Seminars   For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city109   Season1-12   Accepts individual travellers Must register in advance This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Optional meals Accepts tourist groups

Cafe Liepas

The cafe- guest house Liepas is situated in Akniste. Guests are offered to try a tasty meal prepared from the owners’ and nearby farmsteads’ biologically grown vegetables, lamb and dairy products. Guests are offered to see, and feed the animals living in the biological farmstead of Liepas as well as get advices on sheep breeding, dairy production and agriculture.

Distance from countries capital city150   Season1-12   Accommodation available

The “Aizupmajas” country house

The house is on the banks of the Pilda River. It is a biological farm with fruits, berries, vegetables and honey prepared and served in honour of Lettigalian traditions. "Aizupmajas" offers a traditional Lettigalian black sauna with linden or oak branch switches and herbal teas. You can also take part in farm work or spend the night in the restored granary.

Latvian cuisine: Cold soup, Lettigalian sauerkraut soup, crepes, oven-baked potatoes, sautéed pike, homemade steak haché, whipped rhubarb dessert, birch juice, herbal teas.

Special foods: Roughly grated potato pancakes with cream and lingonberry jam.

Distance from countries capital city275   Season1-12   Accommodation available Must register in advance Accepts individual travellers Accepts tourist groups Pre-order required

The Laci bakery

Lāči brand bread is popular in Latvia and abroad, because the bakery uses ancient mastery and skills. You can take a tour of the bakery, knead and bake your own little loaf of bread, have lunch at a cosy saloon and purchase the bakery’s products. Lāči uses its own ingredients for its dishes, combining them with seasonal products from local farms.

Latvian cuisine: Cream of mushroom soup, various hot potted dishes, bread soup, baker’s dessert.

For parties   For children and teenagers   Seminars   Distance from countries capital city40   Season1-12   Disable Access Optional meals Must register in advance Internet access This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers

The Donas country home

Bread at Donas is baked according to ancient traditions. The dough is scalded in a trough, kneaded by hand and then lovingly shaped into loaves that are baked in a real wood stove on maple leaves. You can prepare your own loaf and take it home with you. Nothing is tastier than a warm slice of bread with milk and honey. You will also enjoy other Latvian country treats such as dried meat patties and sausages made of grits. There are also 17 different types of cheeses.

Latvian cuisine: Grit porridge, sauerkraut, country steak haché, 21 kinds of cheeses, milk, honey, herbal teas, country bread.

Special foods: Donas sourdough bread.

For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city120   Season1-12   Must register in advance Pre-order required Accommodation available Accepts individual travellers Optional meals Accepts tourist groups

The Spelmanu tavern with Suiti foods

This tavern is in the centre of Alsunga, which is the capital of the Suiti people.  The Suiti have always known how to work hard, sing well and eat tasty foods.  The tavern offers for tour groups to taste a delicious Suiti meal made from ancient recipes, after which participants can learn how to cook those foods – carrot buns, soured porridge and other masterful dishes from this part of Latvia.  A very effective performance by  Women of Suiti will make the meal truly unforgettable.  You’ll also be able to purchase carrot buns and sourdough bread that is baked only here.

Latvian cuisine: Sourdough bread, dumplings, dried ribs.

Special foods: Homemade carrot buns.

Distance from countries capital city195   Season1-12   Accepts individual travellers This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts tourist groups Accommodation available