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Cliffs in Gauja National Park: Cēsis – Valmiera

1.diena Cēsis - "Caunītes" (7-9 h)

Arrive in Cēsis. The distance is ~3 km between the town centre and the start of the trail. You can either walk or call a taxi.

Practical info
  • Road surface: Forest or country trails, gravel roads, wooden staircase at Ērģeļu Cliffs.
  • Danger points: Some staircases and riverbank slopes in the ancient valley of the River Gauja may be slippery in wet weather, spring and winter. Be careful on the Ērģeļu Cliffs!
  • Good to know! There are no shops on this section of the route. It is necessary to take lunch boxes.
  • Accommodation: in “Caunītes” or private transfer to Cēsis and accommodation in Cēsis.
Attālumi ar kājām 23 km

2.diena "Caunītes" – Valmiera (6-8 h)


Transfer Cēsis – “Caunītes”, if staying overnight in Cēsis.

Practical info
  • Road surface: Small forest or country roads, trails, gravel roads, paved roads and pavements in Valmiera and the surrounding area, paths and wooden staircases on the Sietiņiezis Nature Trail.
  • Danger points: Swimming in the River Gauja can be dangerous! Be careful on the narrow and winding road around Jumara!
  • Good to know! There are no shops on this section of the route, it is necessary to take lunch boxes.
  • Accommodation: in Valmiera.
Attālumi ar kājām 20 km