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Baltic Road Show events


A series of presentation events will be held in several largest cities of Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo) in July, where the professionals of the Baltic tourism sector will introduce the representatives of Japanese tourism sector (~150  professionals) with the Baltic states as a common tourism destination and jointly developed offer of rural tourism with traditional tourism destinations, as well as the possibility of group and individual travel. This event is organised by tourism organisations of 3 Baltic States and we are participating in it with our offer of rural tourism opportunities. The objective of the event is to invite the representatives of Japanese tour operators and media to participate in the introductory visit and to encourage them to include the Baltic States on their travel programmes. Meeting permits better understanding of the wishes and needs of the Japanese tourism market, and to prepare answers to questions. The visitors of the Road Show events shall receive both aforementioned marketing publications, as well as small gifts made by our craftsmen and home food producers. 

The marketing expenses have been covered and events have been prepared by uniting in a single project the effort of rural tourism associations of Latvia and Estonia and the regional tourism bureau of the Southern Finland, as well as several universities, as well as in co-operation with  Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Estonian and Finnish Tourist Board. 

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