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These homes are located near lakes, rivers and ponds abundant in fish. You can get advice here about the best local fishing spots, rent a boat and fishing gear and even prepare a meal of your catch.

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What do you need to know about fishing in the Baltics?
To fish in public waters in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, one must obtain a fishing permit (one for each country) and, in some cases, a license as well. Permits and licenses can be purchased in fishing supply stores, fishing clubs and elsewhere; these are also good places to obtain additional information. Children under the age of 16, pensioners over the age of 65 and individuals with special needs do not need a permit to fish.

The favourite ways to fish in the Baltics
  • Fishing with float – the easiest way to fish, suitable for all ages and feasible in almost all waters. Catch: carp, tench, bream, catfish, roach, perch and others.
  • Fishing with down ridger - the most exciting way in the summertime, from dawn till dusk. Catch: bream, chub, white fish, perch, eel, burbot, Daugava and Aieviekste also hold catfish, and flounder, turbot, and eel can be caught inshore.
  • Fly-fishing – the most effective method to catch trout, grayling, chub in streams and fast flowing rivers with clear water.
  • Spinning – the most sportsman-like fishing method. Pike, perch, pickerel, asp, can be caught this way. In the summer of 2003, a 58.2 kg catfish was caught by someone spinning from Daugava’s shoreline, setting a new Latvian record. With the right equipment and expertise one can also catch chub and trout.
  • Salmon-trout and salmon can only be fished with a special license during specified periods in specially designated river sections.
  • Trolling - usually in the larger lakes and rivers, but also in the sea. In the autumn, trolling over a shelf usually yields a 5-10 kg pike.
  • Ice fishing – favourite locations are Lake Peipsi and Pernava Bay in Estonia where a day’s catch often exceeds several dozen kilograms. Catch: perch, salmon-trout, smelt and others.
  • Fishing in privately stocked reservoirs where the owners are paid per kilogram of fish caught or per day of fishing, within a pre-set limit. Most often, fishing for carp and trout is being offered.
Regulations on Angling in Latvia can see here.