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Interreg V-A — Estonia–Latvia
01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020 (Est-Lat 42)

Livonian Culinary Route. Design and promotion of tourism product based on Livonian culinary heritage.


The project “Livonian Culinary Route” strengthens the identity of our common culinary heritage, promotes the historical significance and impact of Livonia on today’s modern cuisine and tastes of Estonia and Latvia, and involves over 250 food providers and producers from both countries.


Erwartete Projektergebnisse

  • We want to improve cross-border co-operation between tourism and catering businesses and local food producers and promote the usage of locally grown ingredients in food preparation. Project establishes strong regional co-operation networks between tourism/catering businesses and local food producers/farmers. Only food providers and producers using local culinary traditions and local ingredients will be involved to the route, because we want to introduce culinary traditions of each region, often originating from Livonian times.
  • We will introduce new culinary route dedicated to Livonian heritage that will integrate the regional culinary route of Via Hanseatica – TasteHanseatica -– as well as the brand “Latvian cuisine” covering catering establishments which offer Latvian national meals. We shall promote the route to domestic and foreign visitors as attractive culinary tourism destination bringing out the similarities and differences between the local cuisines based on local traditions.

Main activities

Development of the culinary tourism product. For creating the route, we will set up criteria for the joint culinary route; select potential participants and create a joint story about the historical significance and impact of Livonia state on development of similarities and differences in today’s Estonian and Latvian cuisine. In addition we will create a regional brand TasteHanseatica promoting culinary heritage of Via Hanseatica territory located in the heart of Old Livonia.

Capacity building and strengthening the networking of culinary heritage based service providers. For efficient service provision knowledge and cooperation are essential preconditions. We will arrange joint and local practical seminars and food workshops for tourism/catering businesses to address general heritage-food specific topics and pass on the knowledge from tourism experts to wider interest group. We will create regional farmer-food provider networks, learn from other regions; collect and disseminate information about our culinary heritage (e.g. handbook of recipes).

Extensive marketing. We will create new visual identity for the culinary route and promote our route both in domestic and international markets. As tourism relies on emotions and experiences we shall invite bloggers, journalists, travel agents to our route allowing them to enjoy our culinary heritage and disseminate emotions on our behalf. And we shall have both online and printed materials for our visitors.  


Project budget

1 059 789 EUR, including support of the Estonia – Latvia Programme 900 821 EUR

Programme homepage: www.estlat.eu

Official EU homepage: www.europa.eu

Project  summary in PDF format

Interreg V-A — Estonia–Latvia
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