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Newsletter, Herbst 2013 (Hier herunterladen)

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Besondere Angebote für die Wintersaison:

  • SPA-Angebote für den Winter in Riga und Tallinn, 6 Tage
  • Winterfreuden in Lettland, 6 Tage
  • Die ganze Tour können Sie hier finden.

Touren für die nächste Saison:

  • Erkundung der lettischen Besonderheiten, 10 Tage

Unsere Publikationen

British newspaper The Guardian has recently mentioned Gauja Valley and Turaida Castle as a winning readers' tip among 10 other top autumn destinations.
For good reason! Get inspired by watching this short video "Autumn in Rural Latvia". 

We invite you to come and enjoy the colorful autumn with us either taking up one week walking tour through Gauja National Park or we can tailor-made you one starting from a day trip. Contact us: lauku@celotajs.lv. 

Looking in the sky we now see big, white clouds, no any more summer' s heat, cranes call more often, it rains from time to time, landscape is dramatically beautiful. Autumn is getting closer and the real mushroom time is here!

For mushroom enthusiasts' groups we have prepared the mushroom exploring trips for one week or longer here. 

But 1-2 day mushroom expeditions can be arranged too. The minimum number of participants are four persons. Just contact us! lauku@celotajs.lv



  • 17.08. Dižmāras onions market "Brauc uz Talsem pierkt sīpoļs!"  Talsi, town square,  http://www.talsi.lv/dizmaras-gadatirgus-2013
  • 24.08. Lamprey Festival at Carnikava. Possibility to learn about the traditional skills of catching, cooking and preserving lampreys. Tastings.
  • 24.08. XIII Latvian Milk and Honey Festival in Jelgava, Raiņa park and the regatta of boats made from used milk packaging at Lielupe river. www.kultura.jelgava.lv and www.jelgava.lv
  • 6. - 25.09. 9th International Arts Residence "Marks Rothko 2013" in Daugavpils.


  • 07.09. Bānītis Festival, celebration of 110 years of narrow gauge railway from Gulbene to Alūksne. www.banitis.lv
  • 13.09. Soviet secondary school at the Dundagas Castle - exhibitions, concerts, performances www.dundaga.lv
  • 14.09. Harvest Festival at V. Ķirpa Ates Museum. www.aluksne.lv
  • 21.09. Potato Festival at Kalnciema market, Rīga (Kalnciema kvartāls). www.celotajs.lv
  • 29.09. Miķeļa Day Market at Jēkabpilis, Kena park. http://www.jkp.lv/lv/aktuaali-27666/pasaakumu-plaans-2013-284421

To promote countryside travelling and to give a presentation of what a visitor would experience and enjoy in the countryside we have produced 7 new videos http://www.celotajs.lv/cont/about/video_en.html. Each one is about half a minute story about a particular topic: seasons of a year, open farms and craft shops, Latvian symbols, etc. The videos are presented in our web site, social networks, and they will be demonstrated in rural tourism promotional events.

Check our 7 new videos and get inspired for holidays in the Latvian countryside!  http://www.celotajs.lv/cont/about/video_en.html All nature seasons, good country food, open farms, attractive crafts - simple and true things to enjoy. Watch the videos - and enjoy visiting!



 Summer time is busy and packed with lots of events all across Latvia. We have selected our top of the events:

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On 5th June in Brussels, the president of the Latvian Countryside Association "Lauku Celotājs", Asnāte Ziemele received an award Best Life-Environment Project for POLPROP-NATURA  project in EU LIFE programme. The project took place in the SlītereNational Park as a demo territory from 2009-2012. "Lauku Ceļotājs" executed the project together with the people and organizations of Slītere. The sustainable tourism development model was created by attracting local entrepreneurs, inhabitants, local authorities and administration of SlītereNational Park. This experience was used for making proposals for environmental protection and tourism development policy. 

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Feier der Sommersonnenwende (Jāņi [Johannestag]) ist das größte Fest in Lettland – wenn die Sonne ihren höchsten Punkti in dem Himmelkreis erreicht hat und nach dem längsten Tag die kürzeste Nacht folgt. Alle sind eingeladen an der Feier teilzunehmen, um die traditionelle Festlichkeit von Jāņi zu fühlen und die Feier im letischen Geist zu genießen.

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The Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, The Peter & Paul Fortress, The Summer Garden and Palace are only few highlights of the Russian jewel on the Baltic Sea - St. Petersburg. We are freshly back from our inspection trip and ready to share with you our discoveries.
After popular demand we have put together a tour with the Baltic States plus St. Petersburg. The tour is focused on castles and manor houses in the Baltic States, St. Petersburg with its surrounding palaces. Apart of this tour St. Petersburg can be added to any other our tour, combined with Tallinn and Helsinki or bought on its own. There is excellent train connection from Helsinki and Riga which both we recommend and can help to book the tickets. We also offer cruise connections - St. Peter's Lines http://www.celotajs.lv/cont/cntr/ferry_en.html .
In terms of accommodation, we're cooperating with some small, cosy hotels in convenient locations to explore the city. For selection click on this link.

 Welcome to St. Petersburg!