The Routes of Latvia’s Statehood

The Routes of Latvia’s Statehood*

Seven routes in Latvia that are devoted to three dimensions of time – the past, the present and the future, inviting you to look at how the Latvian state was established and the twists and turns that it experienced in the more recent and more distant past.  You can evaluate benefits and resources and work with others to plan Latvia’s future.  These routes will allow you to learn about aspects of Latvia’s history, personalities, places and events that facilitated the establishment of the state and the emergence of its national identity.  Peer into the more distant past and remember the aspects of statehood that have existed in the territory of Latvia for many centuries and have become part of Latvia’s cultural world.  These routes are clearly meant to be travelled, because they are exciting, with destinations and farms to visit, with wealthy stories of memories and beautiful landscapes all around you.

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*„Statehood” is a political and legal concept that speaks to direct and sovereign links between people and governments.  The concept allies to modern nation states, as well as to Medieval and more ancient political formations that spoke to personal links between people and rulers.  Thus statehood in the territory of Latvia has existed since the time when the power of large dynasties transformed into a relationship of public governance. (Egils Levits)

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