The biggest food industry fair in the Baltics, "Riga Food" outlines the yearly trends in food industry development, highlights novelties, and presents a number of serious and trustworthy enterprises. This year, 400 companies from 25 countries and 12 national collective stands are participating. The fair programme includes a variety of competitions, awards, masterclasses, demonstrations, professional discussions, seminars, and more. Following the official opening of "Riga Food" on September 7, the Minister of Agriculture of Latvia, Didzis Šmits, will present awards to the winning cider makers of NICA.

The celebration of cider in "Riga Food" will continue with the Cider Festival - an opportunity to taste international and Latvian ciders at the exhibition stand of the Latvian Cider Route. This culinary tourism route visits Latvian cider makers, and twelve of them will be present at the stand.

Be sure not to miss:

Abava Winery

Abava Winery is located in the Abava valley, in Kurzeme region, by the northernmost vineyards of Europe. The Barkāns family first thought of the idea of running their own winery during their wedding trip, when they were visiting the oldest European wineries. In their large apple orchard of 4 hectares, there are old apple trees planted during the Soviet era, which are of that time's industrial apple varieties.

Murbudu Cider

Experiments with flavours (honey, berries, ginger and spices) and cider making methods (ciders aged in oak bourbon barrels, young ciders, malolactic fermentation, fermentation with beer yeasts). A tour of the brewery with tastings and themed master classes by the owner are available.

Mr. Plūme Cidery

The Plūme family company have been making cider since 2010. Their cider making skills were gained and honed by learning and working at the best French and Austrian cideries, as well as by countless experiments of their own. Their fruit orchard is 1.5 ha in size, and has apple trees and perry pear trees. The orchard includes rare and aromatic dessert apple varieties, various wild apple varieties, the latest apple selection hybrids, unusual varieties found along roadsides, and also the so called “true” cider apples, as well as Austrian, English and local perry pear varieties.

Turkalne Manor

Turkalne Manor, established in 1604, is a place where history intersects with modern technologies, and where homemade beer, cider, and wine are produced. Next to the manor, is Turkalne Manor Barn, restored in 2018. At the manor, visitors can learn more about its history, as well as sample beer, wine, and snacks. The second floor of the manor barn provides ample space for hosting social and themed events.

Sabile Cider

The owners of Sabile Cider brewery are the Circenis family - Aldis and Baiba. The idea of a cider factory was born both in the cultivated family garden near Sabile with its old, large apple trees and by getting to know the ancient traditions of cider culture and production in the old cider countries of England and France.

Kabile Manor Winery

Kabile Manor Winery is located on the basement floor of Kabile Manor, which is unique for its groin vault ceiling. In point of fact, the basement floor was used as a wine cellar back in the 18th century. Our Sparkling Wines and Ciders are made of local fruits and berries that we collect from the farmhouses in Kurzeme region. In the process of grinding the fruit and squeezing the juice, only mechanical methods are used.

Tālava Cider

Tālava Cidery is located in Gulbene, in an outbuilding of Vecgulbene Manor. The cider makers and owners of the cidery come from Gulbene, they believe in the potential of local ingredients and want to show that it is possible to produce high-quality drinks from apples - a fruit that is well known to every Latvian. The owners started the first batch of Tālavas Apple Cider in 2012.

Zilver drink brewery

"Zilver Drink Brewery" has grown from a family-run farm that not only cultivates dessert and cider apples, but also nurtures seedlings of fruit trees and berry bushes. Our motto, 'from seedling to wine,' reflects our commitment to producing berry and fruit wines as our main beverages. Cider came naturally to us as apple growers, initially intended for personal consumption, but it has since become a beloved drink for the Zilver family, particularly during the summer. Our friends and customers also appreciate the taste and quality of Zilver cider, which prompted us to increase production, ensuring that it continues to satisfy cider enthusiasts with its exceptional flavor.


A family-owned cidery with a passion for creating unique and delicious ciders using the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. Their orchard is over 60 years old and has been left unmaintained for many years, which has allowed nature to take over. Producing high-quality ciders that reflect the wildness and taste of the Baltic region, the cider makers carefully handpick apples from the orchard, and also scout for wild apples in the wilderness to create unique and exciting blends that capture the essence of nature.

Abuls Cidery

Abuls Cidery is the most experienced one in Latvia, as its story started a good 20 years ago. The inspiration and experience came from visiting traditional cider lands such as Normandy, Asturias, Somerset, and the Basque Country. There are around 400 apple trees growing in the orchard of the cidery, ranging from varieties that are typical to the North of Vidzeme to specifically selected crab apple trees and the classic cider apple trees, all of which are used to make cider.


The winery was founded in 2019 and is located in Lēdmane parish, Krape manor. It is placed in vaulted cellars which are more than 300 years old. The name "LAUSKIS" was given in honour of Vilis Lauskis, the great grandfather of the winery owner, Vents Grinbaums. Wine and cider are produced from local fruits and berries that are biologically grown in orchards next to the winery. Many of the apple trees have been planted more than 100 years ago by the famous gardener, and generations took care of them.

Ligatne Wine

Līgatne wines and ciders are made from fruits, berries, plants and flowers grown in Gauja National Park. The hosts offer a romantic candlelit tasting of cider and other drinks in the sandstone caves of Līgatne. You can also snack on cheese made of cow milk and purchase homemade wine and other beverages.