Mammal watching

The geographic location and diversity of biotopes ensure a wealth of mammals in Latvia. If you learn to be quiet and careful while looking at the lives and habits of forest denizens, you have every opportunity to hear hooting owns, rooting bucks and howling wolves. You may smell a racoon dog, run into a doe with her fawns, watch a beaver bu
ilding a home, or spot a group of stags swimming in a lake during the foggy morning. Animal-watching is in the presence of a guide and in small groups of one to five people (the park asks that children under the age of 15 not be brought along) is recommendable. The process involves sitting around in special towers for several hours, which is why such tours are offered only when the temperature is above 0°C. You must bring water-resistant and comfortable shoes, warm and “quiet” apparel (it doesn’t crinkle or make other noise, and it is not in a noisy colour). Bring binoculars and a camera.

What are the group tours?