Latvia is among one of the world’s three most important bird migration paths, and during migration seasons in spring and autumn, tens of thousands birds can be seen at one place. Latvia’s flat terrain and a climate in which precipitation exceeds evaporation means that particularly along the seashore, there are wetlands that are appropriate for water birds – shallow lagoons and high swamps.  Places like broad-leaved forest is ideal habitat for nesting Black Storks. Old pine forest growth is favoured by Black Grouse with Owls living at their edges. While different woodpecker species thrive in wet forests. Important biotops for many birds are unspoiled flood-lands essential for Great Snipe, Corncrake, Lapwing and Curlews.  During migration time these territories become alive with activities of thousands of birds and provide great atmosphere for birdwatchers. Latvia also offers artificially made fish breeding ponds which are great places to spot not only different types of ducks and waders but also predators like Sea Eagle, Marsh Harrier and others.

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