Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Our forests, fields, meadows, river banks and seashore seem to have been created especially for horseback riding. There are lots of places in the Baltics where horseback rides are on offer, and some offer tours that last for a day or several days. That, of course, means that you have to know how to stay on the horse’s back and make contact with the fine animal. When you’re on horseback, you become a component of nature, and you will enjoy a more vivid experience than you would if travelling in any other way.

  • Before your arrival, we shall send you a personalised tour program with dates, accommodations and extra services you booked (please see the optional extra services available in each tour description in the below table).
  • Upon your arrival at the first hotel of your tour you will receive maps,  traveling instructions, and vouchers for your booked services.

  Making your own travel arrangements, you can rely on our tour guides and maps.

Individual horseback riding packages

Horseback riding and rafting in East-Latvia Latvia 9 days from 980.00 EUR
On horseback in the Priekule parish Latvia 1-4 days

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