Odd Inge Vistad

Norwegian institute for nature research – NINA

His educational background is a master in Nature Management at the Norwegian University of Agriculture (now called University of Life Sciences - UMB) and a PhD in Human Geography at the University of Trondheim (now called NTNU). He has been working as a social scientist for the last 25 years, and most of the time in NINA. His research has focused on social interests in relation to management of natural resources, often located to national parks and other conservation areas. E.g. studies concerning resource based tourism (in forests, mountains, coastline, the arctic), tourists’ preferences, outdoor recreation issues, environmental and recreational impacts, social monitoring, carrying capacity, management models, access rights, integrated resource management etc.

Dr. Odd Inge Vistad,
Senior Research Scientist,
Norwegian institute for nature Research (NINA),
Human dimension department,
2624 Lillehammer,