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Self drive tour Individual Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russian Federation

Castles' and manors' road

7 days

The tour provides an insight into history of the countries through experience of castles and manor houses, starting from massive medieval stone walls through to exquisite Baroque and Art Nouveau masterpieces. The route weaves through two national parks - the Gauja National Park in Latvia and the Lahemaa National Park in Estonia. You will see the most beautiful highlands of the Baltic States, as well as the impressive seashore in Northern Estonia. You will spend time in enchanting small Baltic towns and visit important centres of culture and history, including Tartu and the two capital cities – Riga and Tallinn. Accommodations is organized at baronial estates and castles where ever it is possible. An optional day cruise to St. Petersburg adds the link to Russia and demonstrates the greatest pearls of architecture.



National park Castles and manors